Finnish / Italian gigs & Samettiklubi

I’ve been writing and collecting material for the new album but there is absolutely no hurry with that project since I’m quite busy with other musical stuff: I just released an album in Finnish (Koskelainen – Bola Bola) and there have been some gigs with the Koskelainen group “Koskelaisen iskelmäkerho” and also with my Italian project “Luca Gargano e la sua Rhythm Music Orchestra”. Then there’s of course Samettiklubi (singer-songwriter night every 2 weeks) and the occasional gigs with my Icelandic mate Bjarki Kaikumo plus the fact that our choir “Koiton Laulu” is celebrating it’s 60th anniversary and there’s going to be a big concert in December.

Every now and then there’s also something on the todo-list that has to do with subjects like “work”, “family” or “friends”, but I try to keep them at a reasonable level. Smiley.

Check out SAMETTIKLUBI if you’re in the Helsinki area. It’s THE singer-songwriter night.