The Sun is the Same in 2015

Well well, what can I say… when you have a lot to do, you just have to do it. And sometimes things happen a bit later than they were originally supposed to! Anyway there’s no explanations but just greetings that everything’s ok and TSITS will eventually be released as soon as it gets ready!

I will be opening for Dan Reed Trio on May 14th at On the Rocks, Helsinki. I’m very much looking forward to that, since Dan has always been one of my favorite songwriters. It’s an honor for me and it will be a great night!

A slight delay

Hi friends! I’m sorry to tell you that my new album The Sun Is The Same will not come out this April but later. This is all just for one simple reason: There was no time to get it ready. I was supposed to finish mixing the album during this March, but since I have now become the promoter of the fine Helsinki live music club On the Rocks, I have been unable to concentrate on my own music.

Well, I believe things happen when they’re supposed to. Right now we’re having a beautiful sunny Sunday in Helsinki and I’m both busy and happy. And the album will get ready too. And it will be a damn good one!


Battisti Fest 2014


A tribute to the greatest Italian songwriter of all times – Festa di compleanno di Lucio Battisti!


Luca Sturniolo, Luca Gargano e Luca Cannavò, dopo la notte italiana dei Luca, sono lieti di presentare al Semifinal di Helsinki uno show interamente dedicato alla memoria di Lucio Battisti, l´intramontabile cantante e compositore italiano degli anni sessanta – settanta che ha fatto sognare intere generazioni con le sue bellissime canzoni.

Non a caso è stata scelta come data per lo spettacolo il 5 marzo, giorno in cui ricorre la nascita del cantante che quest´anno celebrerebbe il suo 71esimo compleanno. Ricordare Lucio Battisti al Semifinal di Helsinki è un’occasione unica per incontrarsi tra italiani nella capitale e per presentare le sue canzoni al pubblico finlandese che ancora non lo conosce. Vi aspettiamo e auguri Grande Lucio, che non smetterà mai di darci emozioni!

Kaikkien aikojen lahjakkain ja suosituin italialainen lauluntekijä saa syntymäpäiväkseen nimikkojuhlan Helsinkiin! Lucio Battisti täyttäisi 71 vuotta keskiviikkona 5. maaliskuuta, ja koti-italiaanomme Luca Gargano, Luca Sturniolo ja Luca Cannavò esittävät konsertillisen hänen hienoimpia kappaleitaan. Konsertti keskittyy Battistin 60-70-lukujen folkpop- ja rock-tuotantoon.
HUOM! Odotamme täyttä tupaa joten suosittelemme ennakkolippuja!
Ci vediamo al Semifinal!

Luca Gargano – voce e chitarrakolme lucaa
Luca Sturniolo – voce
Luca Cannavò – voce

Altti Uhlenius – chitarra
Jukka Jylli – basso
Mikko Sirén – batteria
Katri Silolahti – tastiera

The name of the new album is


The name of the new album is The Sun Is The Same
The second Luca Gargano album The Sun Is The Same will have 12 new songs and is released later this year. It is recorded and produced by me and musically it is quite a leap from Look Back In Laughter... Well it has been 3,5 years!

I hope you’ll enjoy the new songs!

The first single is called Kites & Bubbles and it will be out this Friday.
This is the beautiful cover art made by Marta Petrucci.

Jukebox & Twitter & Instagram & 2014

I made some new years promises. One of them had to do with being more active on the social media. I’ll keep posting tweets and instapics so that the internet will explode! It’s also a good excuse to be late from everything else… Ok, back to mixong. Tomorrow another show with the Jukebox Duo.

Welcome 2014.

Beautiful in the Rain

It’s not snowing yet, but it’s been raining quite a lot. My friend Ann Charlotte came over today and we recorded a cover version of Petula Clark’s Beautiful in the Rain. Just for the fun of it.

I also had great choir rehearsals with a fine orchestra. Next Saturday is going to be so good.

A brief update

I’m playing duo gigs with Bjarki Kaikumo, Ari Koivunen, Ann Charlotte and Katri Silolahti, solo gigs with myself and other gigs with various people. I’m also (still) recording and mixing new stuff (Chinese Democracy is yet far far away…), singing with the choir, finding work (and monnnnyyy) and trying to be a father, husband and person. And you know what? I’m happy. Things work out. Yes.

My Finnish friends will find all the old blog entries finally copied here. Next I’ll be importing old music stuff -sounds, pictures and videos. Because it’s fun.

Have a nice weekend!