Vento che va + Kites & Bubbles live @ Espa

Greetings from another band rehearsal!

Next Monday afternoon we’ll be playing brand new live versions of the BigMen tune Vento che va and the new song Kites & Bubbles that has so far been played only on acoustic gigs. The gig will take place in the afternoon at Espan lava, an open air stage in the center of Helsinki. Soon after that we’ll be in the studio recording these new tracks. The band sounds great, this summer feels great, and I’m all like… umm… great!

We’re also doing some duo gigs with Katri. Check them out in the Live section!


Big Men & Super Summer

After a couple of rehearsals I can tell you it’s going to be some album we’re recording this summer! Eight songs by The BigMen and something completely new… in italiano!

Check out the Live Dates as well! There’s something new almost every day now.

Domani farò qualche pezzo nuovo + un pò di Battisti, Vasco etc. a Nyyrikin Iltatähti (Käpylä, Helsinki) alle 20.00.

Kites and Bubbles

Just finished a demo of the new song Kites & Bubbles. Or perhaps it’s called Aquiloni & Bollicine, I’ll make my mind up later.

Working on the new website. Little by little. The next thing will be the Live page for future events.

I wish that snow would go away. Outside my window still looks like winter. It makes things slow.

Finnish / Italian gigs & Samettiklubi

I’ve been writing and collecting material for the new album but there is absolutely no hurry with that project since I’m quite busy with other musical stuff: I just released an album in Finnish (Koskelainen – Bola Bola) and there have been some gigs with the Koskelainen group “Koskelaisen iskelmäkerho” and also with my Italian project “Luca Gargano e la sua Rhythm Music Orchestra”. Then there’s of course Samettiklubi (singer-songwriter night every 2 weeks) and the occasional gigs with my Icelandic mate Bjarki Kaikumo plus the fact that our choir “Koiton Laulu” is celebrating it’s 60th anniversary and there’s going to be a big concert in December.

Every now and then there’s also something on the todo-list that has to do with subjects like “work”, “family” or “friends”, but I try to keep them at a reasonable level. Smiley.

Check out SAMETTIKLUBI if you’re in the Helsinki area. It’s THE singer-songwriter night.

Second album & Project Battisti

Just a brief update: I’m recording demos for my second album and also involved in a musical which takes place in Porvoo next year. We have also finished the translation of Lucio Battisti songs into Finnish. They will be performed and recorded in the near future. Cheers!

Pikapäivitys suomeksikin: kakkosalbumin demotus on käynnissä, olen innoissani. Olen myös mukana musikaaliproggiksessa, johon saa säveltää, sovittaa ja säätää niin paljon kuin sielu sietää! Kaiken lisäksi Lucio Battisti -käännökset ovat nyt valmiit, ja tuo mainio yhtye, jolla näitä biisejä soitettiin vuonna 2004, olisi valmis taas soittamaan konsertin-pari. Sointia riittää tässä syksyssä!

A brief blog update in English for a while

Hi there folks! 

It’s a cold and snowy winter in Helsinki, and I’m writing songs for the forthcoming second album. Yes, the album already has a name and yes, the first single is going to be released in May. What they will be… I’ll let you know a bit later.

In the meantime we’re tuning up the live set for a couple of gigs in March, I’m also writing music for a small side project, and this Friday we will have our third Night of the Power Ballads at Virgin oil Co., Helsinki. There will be a great house band and 14 vocalists performing cheesy power ballads for everyone to enjoy. I’m sure it will be at least as fun as before. See you around!


Mixing it up

Greetings from the studio, once again. It looks like 10 songs are going to make it on the album, which will be released in August. We have 8 songs mixed already, and we’re working on the last two songs this week.

The first single Little By Little has had some radioplay already, and I’m hoping to here it on many radios this summer! You can of course listen to the song at my MySpace.
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