July 2021 News

Greetings from sunny Helsinki! After releasing the compilation of special Koskelainen recordings I’ve been finishing my Summerheat Vol.1 EP. It will be out very soon and I’ll tell more about it asap. It includes some cover versions of songs I like a lot and the first original Luca Gargano solo track for seven years. 

Yes that’s true. I haven’t released new solo material since the track Kites & Bubbles in 2014. I have been working on my album called The Sun Is The Same ever since, but I have been re-writing every song several times. And life also happened: children, a lot of work, different interesting projects… plus I have been studying music production and released music in Finnish with my Koskelainen project and also collaborations with Astrid Nicole. 

After the Summerheat Vol. 1 EP I will release another single in Finnish by Koskelainen and later, still during this summer, there should be two more brand new Luca Gargano originals out.  Oh and one more thing: we have recorded my vocal parts for some amazing new songs by Kalkutan Konepaja. You will hear. 
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