2016 – A year in music 9-13/366

Another five days of great music from here & there.

I was looking for a song and ended up browsing through the Toto albums.
I had to sit by the piano and play along. I’ve always loved this feeling in this song,

and specially the chord progression. 

What is Finnish pop and rock now? This is one example. It’s summer, it’s love, it’s melody and feeling. It’s knowing where you come from and how to stand on the shoulders of giants. I’ve always admired this young man!

What a terrible piece of news in the morning. David Bowie has died. Ziggy is gone. The stars look very different today. This is his goodbye to us. R.I.P. true genius and superstar.

I love italian music, almost everything. This is something I would love to be able to write – in any language.

Another example of pop music in Finland. There is nothing to worry when we have talented young people like singer-songwriter Sanni and her producer Hank Solo.