2016 – A year in music 6-8/366

I was watching a Finnish music show from the 70’s. The Finnish broadcasting company YLE holds a magnificient archive where you can escape years back – like this time I went into December 1976. The show Iltatähti was about the music year, and among it’s songs there was this: a track from the solo album of guitarist Nono Söderberg. Guys, this was (almost) popmusic in the 70’s! I love it.

 I always love a good melody and in pop music melody (and feeling) are essential. I think this is a good example of today’s popmusic. It’s stuck in my head. It means it’s good.

 I couldn’t sleep last night so I took my iPad and read the first chapter of Paul Stanley’s Face the Music. It is an honest book about a guy who has lived the American dream – from rags to richez, from being the one-ear-monster with no friends to the Starchild everyone admires. I’ve always loved Paul Stanley because of his positivity towards things, people, life. He’s the original good guy, the hero the world needs. Somehow this song was the first on my mind when I woke up.