2016 – A year in music 5/366

This time we go with a video!

It’s a very cold and sunny winter day, the temperature outside is below 20 Celsius degrees.  Music has a strong nostalgic power, and sometimes a song can bring you years back to where you first heard it or where it played an important role in your life – or was the soundtrack of major events in your life.

This time I remember a day exactly like this one, cold and sunny. I was at home in Porvoo, I was 14 but didn’t go to school that day – I can’t remember weather I was sick or if it was weekend. I was watching music videos from Sky Channel (We didn’t have MTV in Finland in 1987) as this came on. I was blown away. I mean I knew AC/DC already and I even had a couple of their albums, but only now I realized rock can be loud, fun, entertaining, self-ironic and cool at the same time. And they have “the Italian mother” at the end too. Or in Finland she would be called “Justiina”.  I re-watched the video so many times my VHS tape was all worn out.

So today when I saw the weather outside, I knew I’d be staying indoors and this song has to be the song of the day. Enjoy!