2016 – A year in music 1-2/366

The year 2016 started with the first song on side b of Super Trouper. You know what it is. We all know. A masterpiece. No more champagne and the fireworks are through. Here we are, me and you, Happy New Year!

During these first days of 2016 I ended up talking about Spotify and how I see it’s better to have your music on it than not, even though from the artist’s point of view you could earn more from having your music streamed… but then again I think we all would like to earn more than we do from whatever we do, and as I see it listening to a song can’t be compared to what owning a recording used to be before.

There are many many sides to his discussion and I’m not going that way at all right now, but instead I decided to share a new Spotify link for each day of this year. One argument in these heated discussions was that “music gets lost in Spotify”, which I can’t quite understand. (I think it gets lost if it’s not there…) Anyway, the way music sharing works nowadays are playlists and suggestions. If you don’t know or can’t find any good music that you might like, ask a friend or follow a playlist.

I created a playlist called Luca’s 2016 in which I simply add a song each day. Or at least one. I’ll also be posting something about these songs. And why should you be interested in what I’ve been listening to daily? And why am I doing this? I don’t know, for fun perhaps. Like an open musical diary of the year. (Why do we blog or use social media anyway???)

Ok, let’s start.

Jan 1st
During the first afternoon of the year I went through some sheet music that was lying on top of my piano. I regret it very much that I never learnt to read music properly. I mean I can follow a melody line easily, but for the left hand I really have to stop and count which note is which. I spent 5 minutes with the first 4 bars of this beautiful melody Beethoven wrote for violin & orchestra. Then I put it on and tried to play along the melody here1 and there.

Luca’s 2016 – 1/366

Jan 2nd
During breakfast I realized that there’s not a good playlist of Italian 70’s progressive music on Spotify. I decided to make one. But where should I start from? Well, let’s start from A. Alusa Fallax is a name I remembered from somewhere in the past… Oh this was it, nice!

Luca’s 2016 – 2/366