We were supposed to have band rehearsals

(SMS from guitarist) Sorry, there’s a force majeure, I have to work tonight.
(SMS from drummer) I’m in a terrible hurry tonight, we won’t have much time…
(Phone call with violin player) Oops, I totally forgot we were going to rehearse tonight!

So. No rehearsals tonight.

First thought: I’ve already told the wife & kids I’m going, so I might as well go for a pint or two… Second thought: No. I’ll go to the rehearsal place anyway!

There’s no one around so I can freely put up all my gear, even the ones I wouldn’t need for normal rehearsals!

I’m free to play around with my pedal board, change the order and try what happens if I tweak this thing a little and turn that other thing up, switch and swap and then twang as loud as I want! Jazzy humor solos, anngggry & extremely evil heavy metal riffs, artsy noise that you get when every pedal is on, wonder what they think in the next room, let’s try my amp, how loud can a clean sound be before it starts to distort, and what do you get with three distortions one after the other, wow this Q-tron is a real killer!

Next I could finally fix the jack on my Hanson. I mean it only broke like 4 months ago…

…then it’s time for some songwriting. With a split cable I can even get my guitar recorded. I’ll re-amp everything later anyway. By the way, I love Logic Pro X’s Drummer. And my Juno-106.

So it’s Merry Christmas to my bandmates and don’t worry, I had a great night without you!

I wish you all Peaceful Holiday Season and a Happy New Year. I hope you can spend some free time with your loved ones. And remember also to spend some time with yourself too every now and then, with your favourite toys of course!

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